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October 2018 - Bristol Bay fishermen – there’s never been a better time to refrigerate your boat. You don’t have to wait for...

Cooling Your Catch – Pacific Fishing Cover Story

May 2018 - Refrigerated seawater systems make a splash in Bristol Bay. Pacific Fishing’s March issue takes a look at how things are...

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From Happy Customers

The owners of the F/V Aurora and F/V Auriga replaced 150 aged salmon chillers with IMS Titanium Chillers. Each vessel is now equipped with 10 chillers totaling 350 tons capacity. 'I couldn't be happier'.”

Tod Hendrix, Skipper

The RSW runs great. Like a refrigerator, just turn it on and it works.”

David Jones, F/V Zealot

We installed an IMS 7.5 hydraulic RSW system in 2006. Now I am able to consistently deliver top quality product and enjoy the benefits that come with owning a reliable system!”

Fran Kaul, F/V Chaloupe

'We had to increase our freezing capacity'. With over 1 million pounds of frozen filet production its first year, Peter Pan's new IMS FastFreeze 2500 did the job... 'The FastFreeze has met our expectations'.”

Gary Johnson, Plant Manager / Port Moller Facility, Alaska

On initial start up we were able to achieve a -20 F core temp in 2.5 hours for H&G Pinks. Our old batch freezers would take 12 hours to reach -10 F. Because we don't need to use our processing crew to break down freezers, we hope to gain 4 hours of processing time each day.”

Mike Wells, Plant Manager / Valdez Fisheries / Valdez, AK

I bought my first IMS 18-ton RSW system in 2001 and it is still performing flawlessly today. After installing five additional units on my other boats and having minimal issues, I chose to install another three in my new shore plant in New Bedford. Between reliability, ease of installation and excellent customer support, I have no issue whatsoever ranking IMS as a grade A marine refrigeration company”

Jon Williams, CEO / The Atlantic Red Crab Co.