Slurry Ice Machines

FastChill FC 80 Slurry Ice Machine
8000 lbs/day

FastChill FC400 Slurry Ice Machine
40,000 lbs/day

These systems provide quality chilling and proper temperature control throughout the harvest and storage process of fresh and frozen material. Used for seafood onboard vessels, for fish processing and in aquaculture; in meat and poultry processing; in fruit and vegetable cooling.

Millions of Tiny Ice Crystals

Slurry ice is “liquid” and provides rapid and efficient cooling by coming into full contact with food and seafood products. IMS FastChill slurry ice machines make silky-smooth ice that chills fast – without the bruising that can be caused by other types of ice. Slurry ice is all-natural and leaves no residue on product, while weight and quality of your product is preserved.

Slurry Ice Works in Your Operation

On fishing boats or on land, the FastChill slurry machine’s liquid ice can be easily pumped where it is needed, when it is needed. In the processing plant, the task of staging ice with forklifts, totes and shovels is eliminated. Installation requires a minimum of effort – the machine is straightforward to operate and simple to maintain.

Available in the Capacity & Density You Need

The FastChill FC80 is a self-contained, compact machine that produces 8,000 lbs/day of slurry ice. The FastChill FC400 produces 40,000 lbs/day. Units can be banked to increase capacity and managed from a single control panel. Flexible for use with a variety of products, operators can adjust the machines to deliver thicker and colder (24F) slurry, or just a little ice with chilled water (32F).

Bring Quality to the Marketplace

After many conversations with customers and extensive research, IMS has developed a slurry ice machine design that avoids the traditional mechanical problems that other slurry ice machines may exhibit. The output is consistently high quality – which makes a huge difference in the quality of the products that producers can deliver.