Refrigerated Seawater (RSW) Systems

Self-Contained RSW from 3-ton to 50 HP Nominal Chilling Capacity

Self-contained refrigerated seawater units from IMS are extremely compact and easy to install. These RSW systems are completely assembled, charged with Freon®, tested at our Seattle manufacturing facility and shipped ready to install.

Self-contained hydraulic systems are available from 3-ton to 25 HP capacity. Diesel-drive RSW systems range from 7.5-ton to 18-ton capacity, and our electric RSW systems range from 3-ton to 50 HP. (Look at A Ton of Refrigeration for information about how to translate RSW size to chilling capacity.)

Sometimes the best solution is multiple RSW systems. Systems can be housed within shrouds, used on deck and removed at the end of a season. The variations are as endless as the characteristics and needs of the vessels and processing plants that use them.

Condensing Units with Remote-Mount Chillers

IMS condensing units are complete and ready for hook-up to a remote mounted chiller – providing a narrow, compact system that is available with either electric, hydraulic, or diesel drive power options.

Installation is straightforward and economical. The system includes the chiller, chiller brackets, bulkhead penetration and remote control package.

Electric, Hydraulic or Diesel Drive

Due to the number of variables involved, the answer about how to best drive the RSW system on your particular vessel is best addressed by speaking directly with one of our sales engineers. In some cases, instead of running an RSW system hydraulically off the main or auxiliary engine, boat owners prefer to use an IMS diesel driven RSW, which saves on fuel and eliminates the need to run the main engine while the RSW system is in operation.

If electric is your preferred method, then there are considerations about the load that your gen set is currently handling, as well as future anticipated additions to your boat that will need to be considered. Here are some tips on Sizing a Gen Set.

IMS RSW is sized to match your needs and your vessel. For dimensions on the different systems and sizes available, see the RSW Size Chart.

Titanium or Copper Nickel Chillers

Titanium Chillers are long-lasting – virtually immune to seawater corrosion – and are necessary when product needs to be kept alive. The Copper Nickel Chillers from IMS are the most rugged, dependable, user-friendly chillers available. Visit the Chiller page for detailed information on both.

From Happy Customers

I am very pleased with the IMS15-ton RSW system; we never lost a day of fishing. The unit was easy to maintain, simple and almost completely automatic with a good operating manual. Most of all, it has quick cold water recovery time – making for an excellent salmon product!”

Jose Aguilar, F/V Miss Palomar

When my 20-year-old refrigeration system gave up the ghost last fishing season, I asked around to see about getting it repaired. A friend recommended that I purchase a 'Plug and Play' system from IMS - he had done so and was happy with the results. When the 15-ton hydraulic RSW system arrived, we lifted it onto the deck in the wooden shipping crate that it came in and ran connections to it. We got everything done in two days and headed out to the fishing grounds. We were able to chill 60,000 lbs. of salmon in a 24-hour period. For next season, we'll build an enclosure around the unit!"

Jerry Lundli, F/V Tempest