Production Tunnel Freezers

FastFreeze Portable Production Freezer

FastFreeze Installed at Peter Pan Seafoods, Valdez Alaska

IMS FastFreeze Production Tunnel Freezer

Among the variety of products available for processors to freeze product, the IMS FastFreeze stands alone in many ways. The IMS FastFreeze portable production tunnel freezer is a proven performer with Alaska and West Coast processors.

“We had to increase our freezing capacity. After looking at a FastFreeze 3500 in operation at High Tide Seafood’s Port Angeles plant, we decided to purchase a unit for our Port Moller facility. The FastFreeze has met our expectations.”. Gary Johnson, Plant Manager / Peter Pan Seafoods / Port Moller Facility, Alaska

Rugged and Portable

The FastFreeze production freezers are built into standard overseas shipping containers, making them not only portable, but extremely durable. The freezer is self-contained and can be built with a refrigeration plant or connect to your central system. Flexible placement means that processors can expand production with minimum capital expense. Freezing capacity previously only available in large processing facilities is now available with much less cost and infrastructure.

Unmatched Capacity and Quality

The FastFreeze is an innovative patented blast freezer system capable of producing the highest quality frozen products available. It provides continuous product flow and high capacity freezing rates that used to be available only in much larger, less versatile, more expensive systems. Our evaporators, fans and trolleys work together, enabling the system to operate efficiently at a consistent very low temperature – producing products of exceptional quality at a very high throughput rate.

Outstanding Versatility

Designed to accommodate a wide range of products, the freezer plate spacing and trolleys are all easily adjustable for nearly any thickness and configuration – including vacuum packed, boxed or hanging product. Feed rates can be adjusted to allow specific freezing times for a wide range of products. Units are available for both marine and shore-based applications, the most-commonly used capacities range from 750 to 12,000 lbs. per hour.

Reduced Processing Costs

The FastFreeze reduces the requirements for processing space, equipment and personnel. Production lines can be designed to flow smoothly from processing areas directly onto the easy-load trolleys, through the freezer and into the glazer or onto final packaging. Staging of product to be frozen, packaging material and frozen product is unnecessary. Output can be directed to a location of your choice, eliminating strenuous handling – and continuous product flow allows each workstation to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Read about two FastFreeze installations in Prince William Sound.

Blast Freezing Cells

IMS provides multiple freezing cells sized to meet your needs that are built into custom designed, insulated transport trailers or shipping containers. Each freezing cell can include a stand-alone low-temperature freezing chamber. The evaporator design allows for optimized air flow for the number and size of product racks specified. Depending on product being frozen, the capacity can be high – around 48,000 to 50,000 lb. per cycle in each of the freezing cells within the container.

Product can be packaged wet and then frozen directly in the box. Alternatively, since the product will freeze faster without the insulation that the box provides, trays the same size as the box can be used. The product then drops into its final packaging as the last step of the process.

From Happy Customers

Nothing comes close to the IMS FastFreeze 2500. In six years, we've had no serious break downs. Quality is so outstanding that customers are happy to pay higher prices. I'm a legend in Japan because of the great quality of my frozen product!"

Ernie Vail, High Tide Seafoods - Port Angeles Washington

On initial start up we were able to achieve a -20 F core temp in 2 hours for H&G Pinks. We had hoped to be able to do this in 3. Our old batch freezers would take 12 hrs to reach -10 F. We cut our case up crew from 9 to 4 people and can get by with 3 if necessary. Because we don't need to use our processing crew to break down freezers, we hope to gain 4 hours of processing time each day. This is my second experience with IMS and again they did a great job. While we had a very limited season, the new freezer has already improved quality, efficiency and employee safety. We're really happy. Exactly what I'd hoped for. Really cut our freeze times."

Mike Wells , Valdez Fisheries / Valdez Alaska