Live Aquatic RSW Systems

18-ton Hydraulic RSW with Titanium Chiller

Removable Crab Holding Tanks on the Inaliq (See "Specialized Solutions ..." for below for details)

The ability to mimic the conditions that shrimp, crab and lobster need to remain lively and in good health requires careful temperature control, water re-circulation and aeration. At Integrated Marine Systems, we have a history of success. Zero dead-loss is the goal and IMS has the solutions.

Titanium Chillers & RSW for Temperature Control

To keep seafood alive, titanium chillers are required; copper nickel chillers can’t be used since copper is toxic to some animals. Titanium chillers do the job of transferring heat, holding the pressure of refrigeration and are non-corrosive. Taking a temperature reading at the depth where the seafood is harvested allows fishermen and processors to set the RSW system temperature to match the water temperature where the crustaceans live. The temperature on the water’s surface can be higher due to warm ocean current, so simply pulling in fresh seawater from the surface is often not the best answer.

Water Re-Circulation & Aeration

In order to flush the ammonia and other chemical by-products created by the catch from the system, the water needs to be re-circulated regularly. Pumping air into the holding tank water to keep it oxygenated is also necessary. The entire system works together to keep the seafood alive and well until it can be delivered for processing.

Specialized Solutions for Live Seafood

IMS is known for its ability to solve problems. Just as vessels can be radically different with varying needs, processors often face the dilemma of how to incorporate new equipment and needs into their existing operations. In the case of Norton Sound Seafood Products, a barge used to transport supplies in the off-season needed to be outfitted with the ability to work as a crab tender – without loosing the important function of carrying goods to and from the plant.

IMS put together a team to engineer and install the removable equipment; it’s an interesting story about how this was accomplished.

From Happy Customers

With this system we've landed every pound this year - zero critically weak. Crab are just as lively when we land the product at the end of the trip as when they come off the bottom in the crab pots. We landed our crab in 28 days!"

Glenn White, owner/operator, M/V Atlantic Conquest II