The Port Townsend HydroChiller was the first product designed by Integrated Marine Systems in 1989. Chillers – also referred to as heat exchangers – are the heart of commercial refrigeration chilling industry. They accomplish the task of quickly removing heat from product and come in a wide range of sizes.

IMS Chillers – a proven performer throughout the years – are in heavy use by the commercial fishing, seafood and food processing industry. Due to their reduced size and increased efficiency over competing products, replacement chillers are often sold to replace existing chillers manufactured by others. Available in Copper Nickel or Titanium, IMS chillers are the most rugged, dependable, user-friendly chillers available.

After chilling over 15 million pounds of fish, F/V Storm Petrel skipper Lloyd Johannessen has praise for IMS:

“The IMS system is 100% better than the box chiller it replaced. The new chiller is 1/3 the size … saves lots of space. We chill in 2 hours compared to 3 hours for the old chillers. I can go to bed without worrying.”

IMS Chillers – Making Refrigeration Simple

  • One IMS chiller can replace multiple chillers: Internal tube enhancement and design improve efficiency over the competition
  • Easy to install: Interface easily with your existing plumbing layout and current RSW system
  • Easy to clean and service: If the chiller “guts” need to be accessed for service, the shell can be easily removed, a feature that sets IMS apart from the competition

Copper Nickel Chillers

  • Maximum strength and durability: Every joint is carefully fit to close tolerance and brazed with silver; 100% marine-grade copper nickel heavy-wall construction provides maximum service life with durable fiberglass shell
  • Capacity: Single chillers from 7.5-ton to 35 HP – can be stacked and banked for additional capacity

Titanium Chillers

  • Built for Life: Virtually immune to seawater corrosion; fabricated entirely of materials that will not corrode; with durable fiberglass shell and solid titanium heads and tube sheets
  • Live Product Friendly: Non-toxic to live sea animals
  • Capacity: Single chillers from 3-ton to 60 HP – can be stacked and banked for additional capacity

From Happy Customers

When the owners of the sister ships F/V Aurora and F/V Auriga needed to replace 150 aged salmon chillers on their vessels they chose IMS Titanium Chillers. Each vessel is equipped with 10 chillers totaling 350 tons capacity per vessel. I couldn't be happier."

Skipper Tod Hendrix, F/V Aurora and F/V Auriga

Collin has two 35-ton Titanium Chillers which he installed two years ago. "Outstanding, don't have to worry about my chillers anymore. They work better than the ones we replaced."

Collin Martens, Owner, F/V Spicy Lady - Petersburg Alaska