Box Chillers

Port-A-Chiller at 2009 Pacific Marine Expo

Installing the Lid on a Port-A-Chiller

Port-A-ChillerĀ® box chillers come with 75 years of design improvements and engineering refinements. The Port-A-Chiller was originally brought to market by Wescold, which is now a division of IMS. Currently being manufactured at the IMS manufacturing facility in Seattle, Washington, the Port-A-Chiller is a fast, economical method of chilling a wide variety of food products: seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables.

Port-A-ChillerĀ®: Quality Performance

IMS box chillers provide reliable, high hourly production and low labor costs, requiring less supervision. Chillers for use onboard vessels are sized according to seawater temperature, suction temperature and flow rate. The units are easy to clean and maintain.

Capacities generally range from 11-ton to 85-ton, custom configurations and applications are available on request. Click for additional manufacturing data information and drawings.

Rugged Construction

The heavy structural steel box with its galvanized coating means that this box chiller is built to last. Each unit is modular and can be connected to an existing refrigeration system or supplied with its own, and easily adapt to any kind of refrigerant.