Refrigeration Products from IMS

Commercial fishermen know that onboard refrigeration is the key to delivering quality product and earning higher prices for their catch. On land, seafood and food processors utilize refrigeration to ensure quality and strive to improve the efficiency of their plant operations. Keeping the cold chain intact from the point of harvest all the way to the consumer is critical. Integrated Marine Systems designs and manufactures chilling and freezing refrigeration products that share the characteristics of simplicity, ease of operation and dependability based on superior engineering and longer-lasting components.


  • Refrigerated Seawater (RSW) Systems

    RSW systems are an efficient way for processors and fishermen to chill product. The catch is chilled more rapidly than with ice and the risk of inadvertently freezing is avoided since the temperature of the water can be controlled.

    For fishermen, time that would be lost on the fishing grounds going in to replenish their ice is saved, as well as the cost of fuel used for each trip. IMS offers self-contained RSW systems and systems with remote-mount chillers in a wide range of capacities and drive configurations.

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  • Slurry Ice Machines

    Slurry Ice machines chill faster than conventional ice, penetrating every crevice quickly and evenly – without the bruising that can be caused by other types of ice. The IMS FastChill slurry ice machine delivers fluid, tiny ice crystals where you need it, when you need it.

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  • Live Aquatic RSW Systems

    RSW systems use titanium chillers and are outfitted with aeration and circulation systems to keep live product in top condition. The temperature can be adjusted to match the environment at the depth where the catch – like crab or lobster – were captured so that the amount of dead loss is reduced to almost zero.

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  • Chillers

    Chillers are a cost-effective way to remove heat from product using space-saving equipment. More commonly known in the agricultural industry as heat exchangers, IMS builds both Copper Nickel and Titanium versions in sizes that cover a wide range of needs for use on land or aboard vessels.

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  • Box Chillers

    Box Chillers are a fast, economical way of chilling a variety of food products. Initially developed over 75 years ago, the Wescold Port-A-Chiller® incorporates the design improvements and engineering refinements made over time.

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  • Combination Chilling and Freezing Systems

    Combination Chilling and Freezing Systems provide fishermen with the ability to run freezing systems (either blast or brine) and chilling systems – allowing the vessel to work more than one fishery. Use the same system to harvest different catches.

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  • Production Tunnel Freezers

    Production Tunnel Freezers provide fast freezing times with colder temperatures to streamline production. The IMS FastFreeze is built into a standard-size shipping container, allowing for flexible placement and is easy to integrate into plant operations. Labor is reduced because product moves in and out of the freezer on a trolley system – doors aren’t being opened to load and unload trays as with a blast freezer.

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  • Blast & Plate Freezers

    Blast Freezers bring temperatures down fast to prevent bacterial growth and product degradation. Used in food processing plants and also onboard fishing vessels, blast freezing temperatures range from -20ºF to -40ºF. The IMS Hatch Mount Blast freezer is a compact unit that easily drops in, hooks up to power and condenser water and begins freezing fish onboard.

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  • Brine Freezing

    Brine Freezing is used primarily in the seafood industry for shrimp, crab and for large fish to be frozen whole – both onboard fishing boats and in seafood processing plants. The refrigerated brine solution means that the fish are frozen but that the water is not. Temperatures don’t get as low as blast freezers, but the process is less labor-intensive.

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